Anthony's Signature Grand Piano Ornament & CD
Your free gift (with purchase of this ornament) is Anthony Burger's CHRISTMAS WITH YOU CD, packaged in the
original white and blue foil cover designed by Anthony. This is an added bonus to this wonderful ornament and a great
way to share Anthony's Christmas music as a gift this season. 

Order by Dec 14th to insure delivery before Christmas
Ornaments to Remember contacted Anthony Burger Productions and offered an incredible opportunity for Anthony
to be honored. We are the host company for their limited edition grand piano. Their products can be found in high-end
stores and boutiques including: Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue and Gump's. The company
has been commissioned by entities such as for NBC, Tommy Bahama, and Harley-Davidson to create one-of-a-kind

Celebrate grand memories with this limited edition collector's item. It is sure to be a favorite gift that will become a
lasting keepsake among friends and families who give and receive the ornament. In honor of Anthony Burger's life and
musical legacy, give the perfect gift for that special someone!
Ornament size: 5 inches high. 2 ¾ inches wide, 3 ¼ inches deep

Anthony's Signature Grand Piano Ornament & CD

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